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Published December 1, 2013 by G.L.

While it is for our book blogging review page Twinja Book Reviews, we just thought it was worth mentioning! You can either scroll down to learn more about Guin(pronounced Gwen), or click on the link The Attic Reviews.

We hope all who participated in the NaNoWriMo got far! I didn’t always mark her progress as much as Guinevere did, but we didn’t win! But it isn’t about winning or losing, just about gaining better writing habits, so feel free to let us know if anyone had the privilege of becoming a winner!

On our sister site Twinja Book Reviews, we will be hosting a month long of interviews of bloggers, authors(both self published and traditionally so)agents, editors and more who promote diversity in the publishing world. We have about a dozen definites, but a few will make appearances on the way! Were even hosting a giveaway that includes a Tiffany Trent bundle of her book “The Unnaturalists” and her ARC for it’s sequel “The Tinker King!” It’s starting tomorrow with our first guest steampunk fiction author Balogun Ojetade!

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Hey there, Readers!

Please give a warm welcome to Guinevere!

GuinevereName: Guinevere Zoyana Tomas
Blog: Twinja Book Reviews
Has been blogging since: Since March of 2013
Read/blogs about: Twinja Book Reviews is a book blog dedicated to spreading diversity in books with fantasy, science fiction and paranormal undertones. We only review books that feature multicultural main characters be they Latina, of Asian Ancestry, African descent, Gay, disabled, plus sized, You name it! We also blog about how representation in books is important for young readers as well as older readers. We get into some heavy stuff!

Describe yourself in five words. 
Geeky, Urban, Stylish Afro-Latina ;D

Why did you start a book blog?
Well I started a book blog with my twin sister because we really like reading books. But one thing I noticed coming onto the circuit is that there was very little focus on books that featured characters other than the “default” white, able bodied, male, cisgendered, thin and straight character. While I read books that don’t feature diverse characters, I thought it was time that another multicultural blog came into the circuit because I lot of my friends who don’t read is for one simple reason….They can’t find a book that includes diverse main protagonists. So i’m attempting to make the search easier for people who do want to read books that incorporate not only diversity but some culture as well.

What do you when you’re not reading or blogging?
Well in my spare time I work, write(I have a few WIP’s), I try to travel at least twice a year whether it’s networking or personal. But where I spend most of my time is an open gym practicing my “Tricking” and preparing for my next belt in Tang Soo Do.

What does your “to be read” pile look like at this moment? (Either take a picture or describe it!)
It’d be easier to show a pic.You see I have about 4 full bookcases in my living room and a small one in my room I consider “TBR”.


The_Partner_Track_by_Helen_WanWhat have you read recently that you loved?
The Partner Track by Helen Wan. It was a compelling tale of what it’s like to be a minority in the corporate world told by a female protagonist of Asian Ancestry.If you only knew what goes on out there, you’d be disgusted!

What is your all time favorite quote from a novel?
“I like knowing that sometimes the impulses can go the other way. That maybe it’s possible to have an impulse for good”.
The words of Jasper Dent from the novel I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. The book is about a teenager who has a serial killer for a father and he’s fighting the urge to be be like him.It’s pretty spooky!

Tinker_KingbyTiffanyTrentWhat is an upcoming release that you are most excited about?
I don’t always anticipate releases because I buy more books that are a few years old than I do new ones, but I’m really looking forward to Tiffany Trent’s sequel to The UnNaturalists called The Tinker King. The guy on the cover is delectable!

Do you have a favorite bookish memory?
I’m not sure if I even have one 😛 I’m terrible with questions like this


I’m a huge music lover/music snob so I have to ask, what are you currently listening to?
Well it’s hard to say because I don’t really have one artist that I listen to but I recently seen an artist I’ve followed for years in concert named Travis Garland. He’s a blend of R&B, Pop and Soul music. He was the nicest celebrity i got the chance to meet(I’ve met a few)

Do you listen to music while you read?
Well I find it a bit distracting because I used to be a dancer and whenever i listen to music I envision dance steps in my head. Can’t really concentrate on reading when I’m seeing steps in my head, lol.

It’s time for a game of this or that!

Normal or paranormal? Hmmm…..I’m going say Paranormal

Chocolate or vanilla? Uhhh…Vanilla

The power to see the future or the ability to travel into the past? Travel into the past!

Paperback or hardcover? Hardcover!

Cats or dogs? Dogs, I’m allergic to cat hair.

Thanks for participating, Guinevere!
I think the concept behind your blog is awesome! I like how you focus on just one topic–it does make it easier to find a specific kind of book. I just tend to review whatever I read, which is kind of all over the place, but most of them do seem to fall under the typical stereotypes when it comes to main characters. I was stuck in a paranormal rut for a while, then I started forcing myself to branch out into contemporary, and more recently into LGBT. I’ve read so many amazing books that way!

If you are interested in participating in Behind the Blogger, please fill out THIS FORM.

Happy Reading!


Defining Multicultural Fiction

Published November 22, 2013 by G.L.

Tricia Drammeh

As an author who has tagged a couple of my books with the “multicultural fiction” label, one would think I had a very clear understanding of what multicultural fiction means. I don’t. Well, I know how I define multicultural, but others might have a different view.

In The Claiming Words, my two main female characters share POV. One young woman is white; the other is black. A majority of the secondary characters in the book are also black, so I feel pretty safe in labeling this book “multicultural.” But what about The Seance? After I put a multicultural label on it, I had deep reservations. While one of the important characters is Middle-Eastern, the main character (Abby) is white. The story is told from her POV. So, even though her love interest/best friend is from Saudi Arabia and is a practicing Muslim, I’m still not quite comfortable with using “multicultural”…

View original post 653 more words

NaNoWriMo. Any participants?

Published November 12, 2013 by G.L.

Hope all is well in the month of November. Since it is a great month to write, Libertad and I have been taking advantage of the push of NaNoWriMo. Wanted to know if there were any takers as well?

Does anyone have unconventional methods on how they write?(Not sure why, but Libertad or I can not type anything until it is written on paper first. Our first two drafts are typically on the paper and pen method, which I see most typically type it out!)

We’ve been doing cool things on our review book blog “Twinja Book Reviews“, which we keep separate from our author blog. We actively seek out books that feature marginalized groups as main characters and love interests(POC, disabled, LGBTQ,non-Christian, etc.). So if anyone knows any recommendations, please let us know, or hop on over to the site =D

If you didn’t see it before, last month we met Nnedi Okorafor, and this month we met Marie Lu, author of “Legend”, “Prodigy”, and “Champion.” IMG_2501 IMG_2502

We hope to also meet David Levithan as well, as he’s coming to Connecticut too! He’s the author of many books featuring Queer characters as main characters and love interests, so we hope it goes well!

To close, just wanted to let everyone know, we have been writing to attempt to take advantage of NaNoWriMo, so our posts have been fewer than most months. Hope everyone can bare with, and hope for a great holiday coming up.

Is anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo?

Reviewers and readers behaving badly. Where does it end?

Published October 23, 2013 by G.L.

In the past, we’ve written about the behavior of authors and how it effects readers and reviewers. At times it appears  to alienate readers from authors, particularly those whom are self published. While traditionally published authors(Im not a name outer, but most people know which traditionally published authors are complete pricks)are still very much capable of putting their foots in their mouths, they often have publicists, or individuals who are there to make sure the boat doesn’t sink(damage control). But self published authors tend to work for themselves, and are penalized when they speak up for their work.

We understand that authors behaving badly is just one side to the story. Due to the world wide web being so simple to maneuver, just about anyone can write and or bully whomever they want, without having to face the person they’re directing their passion toward. Readers and reviewers are very much capable of being even bigger trolls than the authors who just maybe haven’t had a chance to learn online etiquette correctly. Goodreads released a policy a few weeks back that put the drop on reviews commenting on author behavior. I, myself was not affected. But I was lucky, many were not. The deletion of reviews and shelves drove many reviewers and readers to behave badly themselves. Many even refused indie authors, while others purposely began marking every book they did not want to review, with a one star AND no rating. But the bizarre thing is, several readers were performing these acts long before the Goodreads policy change.

It does seem a bit unfair. Authors deserve to know with a constructive review, why their book wasn’t well perceived. It allows an author to tally up common factors that may have come up in their writing that many have noticed, that they themselves did not. It’s the best chance for a writer to improve. I for one, am not turned off by an author by ONE book I’ve read of theirs that I wasn’t a fan of. It may take some time, but Im the type of reader who would give a book by an author of a book I’d read and disliked, another chance with their next work. I draw the line when an author is openly ignorant(cough* a certain science fiction author*cough), but I don’t have to read a person’s work if I don’t like their brand. In fact, I don’t have to give them much thought. So it’s understandable that many authors wish to fight this type of behavior. Im not 100% sure what it will do, as trolls will only find other ways to bug you, but I can understand the action behind it.

But where does it end? Authors behave badly, so reviewers/readers behave badly back. Reviewers/readers behave badly, so in return so will authors. If anyone has a long term solution to this underlining issue, I’d love to know it. I have a particularly thick skin, and numbers and rating scores wouldn’t  particularly bother me, but they bother many authors. So what is a constructive way to go about this?

Celebrating Diversity at The “Nigerian Independence Day” Gala with Nnedi Okorafor

Published October 6, 2013 by G.L.

We recently posted this on our blog Twinja Book Reviews , but it just deserved to be shouted here too!

We recently got the opportunity to meet Nnedi Okorafor, and she was awesome. She made a great speech, and entertained many with signing books and taking pictures with fans, including us!


She was super tall. We were almost afraid to go up to her, she looked so serious until we took the chance! She was majorly nice, and it was a great opportunity to meet such an accomplished author. We hope all authors can lead by her example. When you have fans, treat them well. You’re never too good to push away those who admire your work!

What a great end to the week!

Do Amazon and Createspace rip off Indie publishers with failure to correctly report sales?

Published October 6, 2013 by G.L.

This was an interesting post. Honestly, I’m considering Createspace, and still am. But I do need to research the differences in options. Perhaps when I conduct my own research I will list the pros and cons. But I reblogged this after seeing it on Tricia Drammeh’s blog. It’s definitely an issue I’d like to see if people who have worked through Createspace can give their incite on.


Guest post by John. R. Clark, Managing Editor at AgeView Press

When AgeView Press Indie pubbed the book FLYING SOLO in May of 2012, the author, Jeanette Vaughan  immediately began tracking sales.   She heard from excited friends and family who immediately emailed when ordering their copies.  The first sales were off of Createspace’s e-store with the title ID number given to the author.   Then, through Amazon, a week later, when the book went live on the site.  Finally on Kindle, when the ebook format was completed.

Initially, things appeared kosher.    People exclaiming that they had ordered the book, were showing up within a day or two on the electronic royalty reports with a reasaonable accuracy.    But by June and July, sales descrepencies were noted by the author from customers claiming that they had purchased the book directly through Amazon, not an Amazon affiliate.    Many of these sales were simply not listed.The author contacted…

View original post 731 more words

Kicking off a great first week with our “Twinja Book Reviews” giveaway

Published October 4, 2013 by G.L.

Back at our Book Review Blog “Twinja Book Reviews” something is stirring!

With the success of “Edge of Truth” author, Natasha Hanova, we’re kicking it off to announce the second author at our “Twinja Round Table.”

Troy CLE, author of “The Marvelous World” will be the second author at the round table. Interesting enough, he started out a self published author. Tuesday, for those of you who don’t know him, will learn the interesting story on how he got a MAJOR publishing house to sign him with a six figure deal!

Again, we would like to thank Natasha Hanova for being our first interview! For a chance to win her book, and Troy’s enter on the giveaway widget below!

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